Tonkatsu is a juicy crispy pork cutlet that rsquo s simple and quick to make at home it rsquo s like a japanese version of chicken fried steak tonkatsu can come together in about 30 minutes by dredging a pork cutlet in an egg batter and panko bread crumbs and frying in oil in our tonkatsu recipe the pork pairs nicely with a drizzle of tangy sauce.

The spruce eats diana chistruga pad thai is a street food and restaurant favorite from thailand that has taken the world by storm gluten free eaters can dig into this tasty version combining fresh and crunchy bean sprouts ginger and onions with flavorful shrimp and wheat free rice noodles all coated in a savory sweet and spicy sauce and topped with hellip.

As a busy homemaker with a home based business i try to make quick dinners that are healthy for my husband and two young children i combined two recipes to come up with this family favorite mdash kathleen farrell rochester new york.

12 healthy japanese recipes for the new year 1 ginger rice cooked with ginger fried tofu skin and soy sauce base sauce this japanese ginger rice recipe is so fragrant that you would enjoy it on its own known for its many anti inflammatory properties ginger has the unique power to keep you warm and ease digestion.

Convenience worked its way into a lot of our new breakfast recipes especially with air fryer breakfast recipes additionally international breakfast foods including migas japanese pancakes and shakshuka became increasingly popular check out our best new breakfast recipes of 2021 mdash you may even wake up with one tomorrow.