In a large heavy bottomed skillet cook bacon until crisp about 5 to 7 minutes using a slotted spoon remove bacon to a paper towel ndash lined plate leaving the hellip.

From fried okra and bacon collard greens to black eyed peas with pork and of course cabbage the cooks of the south have cracked the vegetable code quick tips before you start there are a few things to keep in mind when making southern bacon fried cabbage first off stick with thick sliced bacon that has no added flavors like maple syrup.

With only 6 ingredients this easy cabbage potatoes and bacon stir fry cooks quickly in 30 minutes using just a single pan crispy bites of bacon complement the starchy potatoes and its perfect as a side dish for busy weeknight dinners.

Fried cabbage is like riced cauliflower it makes the base for just about anything you want to do with it add a protein and a seasoning and it just moves with it we love to add bacon and bavarian seasoning with a splash of vinegar next im going to throw some cream in the top of it yay cabbage.

Recipe chef kevin beltons southern fried cabbage with bacon looking for a cabbage recipe for new years day start your new year right with cabbage and crispy bacon.

Cut up your cabbage add some butter maybe some bacon grease to the skillet and fry up a batch of southern goodness really quick and easy with our southern fried cabbage recipe i don rsquo t use the broth because i think that rsquo s more like hellip.

Fried cabbage is one of my favorite side dish recipes cabbage becomes sweet and tender and absorbs the delicious smoky salty flavor of the bacon the result is a simple side dish great for serving with grilled chicken breasts or pork tenderloin southern fried cabbage is slow cooked and simmered in its own juices along with bacon and diced onion i sometimes hellip.

Every culture has their own idea of what constitutes real comfort food this haluski recipe is one of ours it features savory caramelized cabbage onion bathed in a rich butter sauce and tossed with rich egg noodles to soak up every ounce of flavor.

Southern fried cabbage is a crispy delicious recipe that comes together in minutes thick cut bacon onions peppers and a hint of hellip.

Rotkohl is a german braised red cabbage that has a distinctive sweet and sour taste it is one of the most popular german side dishes often served with meats and potatoes some cooks add bacon and some would don rsquo t often if the bacon is added it rsquo s at the beginning of the cooking process so that the cabbage is braised with the bacon.

This beloved dish thats hard to pronounce brat kah toff len translates as fried potatoes and its indeed that pan fried potatoes bacon onions and seasonings the bacon thats traditionally used in this dish is called bauchspeck which you can make yourself if you like.