Japanese cucumber salad or sunomono salad is a crunchy sweet and tangy asian salad requiring only a few simple ingredients it is great as an appetizer or a side dish this time i want to share a very simple but a very tasty salad with you i am not even sure if its a salad or a side dish or an appetizer.

Sunomono cucumber salad is a perfect small side dish it rsquo s easy to make healthy to eat and very refreshing to accompany any main dish it rsquo s tangy but sweet who wouldn rsquo t like it japanese cucumbers are much skinnier than american ones they have much less seeds or at least much smaller seeds and thinner skin.

In japanese cuisine a salad can be a western style fresh lettuce salad but it will also include vinegar marinated vegetables such as in a sunomono with seaweed cucumber and ginger or even cooked vegetable salads like ohitashi which often features spinach.

There are close to 100 cucumber varieties but we are most familiar with slicing pickling and english cucumbers these three types differ in size appearance taste and texture of the three the english cucumber is favored by many for several reasons.

Japanese food is often served with pickled vegetables like cucumbers daikon or radishes for crunch cucumber salad known as sunomono is an easy dish to make and enjoy throughout the week unlike other salads that wilt and get funky in the fridge cucumber salad only benefits from sitting in the vinegar sesame and ginger dressing for a few.

A typical japanese meal consists of a main dish a couple of side dishes a soup and rice i try to come up with a combination of dishes with a variety of flavours colours textures and make ahead dishes as chicken teriyaki comes with a sweet sauce i serve cucumber and seaweed sunomono vinegar dressing to cleanse the palate.

Side dish 1 cucumber and seaweed sunomono vinegar dressing ndash or other side dish with vinegar dressing side dish 2 japanese potato salad ndash make ahead rice grilled onigiri ndash make small onigiri with no fillings and without yaki nori wrapping grill both sides of onigiri brush with soy sauce then grill more until the surface becomes.

Creamy and nutty this homemade japanese sesame dressing is made from ground roasted sesame seeds mayo rice vinegar and soy sauce it rsquo s easy and so delicious with your green salad i love a salad dressing that has unlimited potential japanese cucumber salad sunomono.

Another popular salad selection is the seafood sunomono combination this wonderful mix goes for 9 50 and features sunomono vinegar assorted seafood cucumber and seaweed for a traditional japanese salad try the seaweed hellip.

It is an iconic japanese home cooked dish known as ldquo ofukuro no aji rdquo ndash taste of mother rsquo s cooking for many nikujaga is an honest to goodness comfort food potatoes make up the majority of the dish with some thinly sliced beef or pork onion shirataki noodles ito konnyaku and colorful mix of vegetables.