Tonkatsu s su was made specifically to pour over tonkatsu japanese pork schnitzel or other bread crumbed deep fried dishes such as croquettes and prawn cutlets it is the thickest and the sweetest sauce of the three bulldog sauces try tonkatsu s su on korokke japanese potato and ground meat croquettes menchi katsu ground meat cutlet and even creamy shrimp croquettes.

If you are looking to make chinese takeout menu then this recipe of authentic chinese shrimp fried rice is easy to put together and under 30 mins you will get better than takeout restaurant style shrimp fried rice loaded with shrimp peas carrots and flavorful sauces makes your lunch dinner sorted in no time this shrimp fried rice recipe is the so close to the favorite takeout dish this.

The next time you get your hands on fresh large shrimp you owe it yourself to try this awesome fried shrimp recipe is beer batter the same as a tempura batter no tempura batter a traditional japanese style batter the type you find in your favorite sushi restaurant is hellip.

Fried chicken ndash with the most insanely crispy thick craggy crust heavily seasoned with a kfc copycat ldquo 11 secret herbs and spices rdquo this recipe uses a southern buttermilk marinade to make the flesh juicy all the way through and a breading secret trick for how to make fried chicken with an ultra crunchy nubbly crust fried chicken i rsquo m going to call it obnoxious as it is ndash this.

Tempura is a popular japanese dish of vegetables and seafood coated in a very light and airy batter and fried to perfection its served at japanese restaurants worldwide but its also fun and easy to make from scratch at home this is a quick recipe thats best when fried as soon as the batter is mixed and then eaten right away.

A really popular japanese yoshoku japanese fusion recipe omurice is one of my children rsquo s favorite meals the rice is pan fried with ketchup and chicken then wrapped in a thin layer of egg when there is leftover rice it rsquo s a perfect single plate meal to prepare the next day 7 salmon in foil.