Optional butterfly chicken breasts put chicken breast on a chopping board then put your hand flat on top of the chicken breast slice horizontally into one side of the chicken breast dont cut it all the way through to the other side leave roughly 1 inch attached open up the chicken breast then slice it a bit more if necessary.

Introducing the seared duck breast eaten like a ssam with korean flour crepes and chives salad read more raquo chef kim bok kyung at jinsol gukbap jjimdak chef kim bo kyung shares one of her favorite recipes jjimdak or korean braised chicken that uses a soy sauce base to give the palate a flavorful taste combine it with noodles and we.

A two star michelin restaurant acquarello is not just a place to celebrate its food is a celebration in and of itself and abalone stuffed chicken wings the wine list includes more than 300.