9 of 15 chef johns new years good luck pasta fazool pasta fagioli 10 of 15 lucky new years black eyed pea stew 11 of 15 roasted grape crostini with fresh herbs 12 of 15 cotechino con lenticchie 13 of 15 dijon pork with apples and cabbage 14 of 15 vaselopita greek new years cake.

The pasta and chickpeas were so creamy and full of flavor made a few modifications as i was cooking with gf pasta can get mushy easily ndash cooked the pasta most of the way separately while the chickpeas tomato paste etc cooked on low then added the pasta and about 1 5 cups of the pasta water and cooked all of that together another few.

From a diehard packers fan 30 years this is about my 10th time going as long as vikes win i cant complain haaaa good luck all patience wins money filet mignon instead of pasta fazool.

Every day for 5 years youve given me a craving for them home made pasta fazool my italian jersey girl wife can cook brother its almost like comfort food for me and good for me it was going to be pot luck at home each man for himself as the saying goes but when i got home wife had ny strip steak and a brussel sprout bacon.