Okonomiyaki is the famous japanese savory pancake that is usually cooked at the dining table so you can customize it to your taste my children loved okonomiyaki growing up ndash actually they still love it just as much okonomiyaki is a japanese street food which is very popular among western visitors who often try it for the first time in japan.

Yakitori is japanese skewered chicken cooked on a charcoal grill with either sweet soy sauce or just salt you do not marinate the chicken before cooking through yakitori is great for entertaining a big crowd as it is a kind of finger food it is quite easy to make watch the video in this recipe i am sharing the two most common yakitori negima chicken and hellip.

Okonomiyaki japanese savoury pancake recipetin japan dashi stock pork vegetable oil katsuobushi shredded cabbage and 4 more dashimaki tamago japanese rolled omelette recipetin japan dashi stock sugar light soy sauce sake oil daikon eggs dashi tamagoyaki ndash japanese style omelet pickled plum.